It was to celebrate my husband’s birthday and conduct a little location research for Book 5 in the Travel Can Be Murder cozy mystery series – Death by Fountain: A Christmas Murder in Rome. Luckily, we left Rome two days before the corona virus reared its ugly head there, as well.. Grab a cup of tea, curl up on your couch, put on your imaginary detective cap, and dive into some cozy mystery ebooks. Often focused on an amateur sleuth protagonist, these favorites are usually set in a charming setting and revolve around a murder or other crime that needs solving. You’ll love sleuthing right along with the main characters.. It has some twists and turns and some true suspense in a few scenes and the solution, not neat and tidy, but messy and sad is rescued by a bit of justified retribution for Lana which I can cheer for. I rate this mystery 3 handbags and a. "/>Travel can be murder cozy mysteries